ALL NEW: “Dedicated To YOU” Program

This is aloyalty offer you can’t refuse!!

Want to earn up to 40% OFF customized facial services? Show me how serious you are by taking this dedication challenge. After completion of your 10 week series, you’ll be gifted the level of discount earned during that period for an ENTIRE YEAR!!

Show me some serious dedication to the health of your skin and you’ll SAVE BIG at Natural Luminance Skin Care!!

Program applies toward 60 or 90 minute Customized Signature Facials Only

NOTE: This is not a pay-up-front program. You're paying in advance for your next facial and pre-booking your appointment at the end of each service received. You can stop at any discount level you'd like during the 10 weeks... fulfill 1 to 4 facials at discounted prices during the required period and keep that specific rate for the next 12 months. Further details available in person.

Please Note - This program was created with the intention of helping dedicated clients achieve great results by starting with a series of treatments (which is highly recommended) and to help protect their investment by supporting those results with maintenance facials at an affordable rate. That being said, you are agreeing to maintain the results of your ten week challenge by at least receiving your monthly maintenance facial during the year at the discounted rate - pre-bookings and pre-payment of the next facial are all that is needed to keep that rate for the year.

Professional treatments, a supportive daily at-home skin care routine and UV protection are highly recommended.

Participate in taking before and after photos to track your progress. 

*Certain terms and conditions apply with this offer. No other offers can be combined with this program. Call for further details.