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​Relaxation Treatments

Hi there,

I'm Amy, Owner & Licensed Esthetician at Natural Luminance Skin Care. I hold certifications in results-oriented holistic skin care and professional relaxation treatments. Schedule your appointment today to help lift, tone and nourish your skin. 

During your treatment you'll experience luxurious healing products, calming ambience and beautiful music that will relax your mind, body and spirit.

Click the "Book Online" Tab or call 219-718-9234, today.

What sets me apart?

My approach to beauty is from a place of healing and nourishing the entire "Self." If you're healthy on the inside and taking mindful actions to protect yourself from environmental toxins, your entire being (mind, body and spirit) will glow from all the holistic harmony. Skin care, food and what we feed our minds needs to nourish and align with our body to stay healthy, beautiful and strong for years to come.

Here's more:

  • ​Free consultation for new clients before scheduled services
  • ​Personalized retail shopping & product sampling
  • ​By-appointment only services; providing each client specialized care with extended service time when needed
  • ​Distributing 100% Transdermal, Organic, Fresh, Seasonal & Cruelty-free products
  • Expert Advice & Advanced Organic Skin Care Service Provider; Aveda-Trained Practitioner & Past Training Specialist for Eminence Organic Skin Care
  • Customized treatments that utilize some machines and devices to enhance the treatment protocols at no extra charge to you
  • Hungarian Massage, Acupressure and Lymph Drainage techniques are used to lift, tone, nourish and detox your unique skin complexion
  • At-home care education is available to help clients enhance the health and beauty of their skin

Restoring Youthfulness, Holistically